About Us


  • To contribute towards an environmental cause by saving landfill space, conserving natural resources and reducing pollution
  • To cultivate an environmental awareness among office workers who consume large amounts of paper daily.


“To Reuse whatever is used”

The mission of Greenobin is to become the premiere Scrap collection service. We hope to serve a repeat clientele who demand--and can afford--reliable, secure service from us. Our purpose is to establish a profitable and well managed company while at the same time creating an awareness among community for saving the environment.

We like what we do and feel that helping people in saving environment is a creative and satisfying idea. Our fundamental objective is to realize how we impact the community that we do business in, save environment by increasing focus on "Recycling" of waste products thus valuating our resources & make the best use of it. Rolling out our very exclusive scrap collecting service, our company can be financially successful while behaving in a socially responsible and environmentally ethical manner.